ÉLAN is the ultimate plant booster, providing all the necessary elements for thriving growth and insane results. ELAN is a plant booster that is specifically formulated to enhance nutrient uptake, promote root and overall plant growth, and boost the quality, potency, and yield of your cannabis plants. It is responsible for an exceptionally tasty and aromatic experience. 

Use ELAN alone or combine it with other Crazy Hills products or your existing nutrient program for even crazier results!



Premium All-in-one Solution

ELAN combines essential nutrients, growth stimulants, & more, making it one of the most complete boosters available for all cultivation methods.


Root-to-Bud Vitality with Enhanced Nutrient Uptake

ELAN provides a comprehensive energy boost from roots to mouthwatering buds. Its potent blend, including cold-pressed seaweed, amino acids, fulvic acids, humic acids, vitamins, and micronutrients, enhances nutrient uptake for optimal plant growth.


Root Health & Growth Accelerator

ELAN acts as a root stimulant, accelerates growth and flowering, and enhances vitality, resulting in rich organic flavors and aromas.


Enhanced Taste & Aroma

ELAN enriches taste and aroma, delivering mouthwatering flavors through organic cultivation.

Versatile Application

ELAN is adaptable to various cultivation techniques, complementing both organic and mineral-based regimens.


Unlock the Potential

Experience the enchantment of ELAN as it unlocks your plants‘ true potential, bringing forth remarkable growth and superior taste.

Ideal for All Plants, Including Mother Plants

ELAN is expertly formulated to meet the heightened energy demands of all plants, including mother plants used by growers, breeders, and clone makers. It provides essential vitality for propagation and robust health maintenance.



With ELAN, you can expect:

  • Terpene-rich buds with improved aroma and flavor
  • Rapid root development and healthier plants in all stages of growth
  • Enhanced nutrient uptake and improved resistance to pests and diseases
  • Better response to environmental stressors
  • Improved effects of other fertilizers and biostimulants
  • Green and healthy plants with essential enzyme functions

ELAN is the ultimate all-in-one plant booster, providing everything your plants need to grow, thrive, and produce terpene-rich buds. It's the perfect addition to any growing program.

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